Making Peace Visible

A filmmaker’s perspective on the Colombian peace process

Episode Summary

Juan Carlos Borrero’s documentary “A Call for Peace” tells the story of the leadup to the 2016 peace accord between the FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and the Colombian government, which brought an end to fifty years of war.

Episode Notes

When Colombian filmmaker Juan Carlos Borerro worked on films or TV shows in the countryside as a young man, the crew would have to stop shooting and run from the FARC when the guerillas came near. Everyone he knew had a family member who had been kidnapped or killed, and he never thought he would live to see an end to the war in his country. So when the government and the FARC forged a peace accord in 2016, he set out to document how the agreement came together. Borrero’s documentary “A Call for Peace” tells the story of the peace process in Colombia, through interviews with international peace builders who played key roles behind the scenes.

In this episode, in conversation with host Jamil Simon, Borrero tells the story of peace in Colombia as not just a singular occurrence, but an unfolding that drew on past peace processes, and can inform future ones. You’ll also hear clips from the film. 

You can watch the film “A Call for Peace” for free here: Enter password peace2019. Learn more at

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Making Peace Visible is produced by Andrea Muraskin.